Cheese and mushroom party - European cheese and Yamagata mushroom

Recently our friend Tomoko-san organized a party to appreciate tasteful cheese. We had the first party of this kind several months ago in a small circle of less than 10 people and enjoyed Swedish cheese which is virtually not available in Japan.

This time, the party was to provide us with a good chance to appreciate not only cheese but also white and brown mushrooms produced by Funagata Mushroom Company in Yamagata prefecture. As far as cheese was concerned, in addition to diverse kinds of French cheese, an old friend of Tomoko-san donated a half wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano which gave further possibility to the Chéf de Cuisine Ueda-san to prepare delicious dishes. Therefore, it was natural that some 25 people gathered and filled up Bar Espion.

Jumbo white mushroom and
smaller mushrooms from Yamagata.

First of all I was surprised by the size of jumbo mushroom. As you can see from this photo, its diameter is about ten times as big as the usual mushrooms. Using mushrooms Ueda-san prepared two kinds of soup, several kinds of hors d'oeuvre ranging from champignon steak to crocket with champignon and escargot and a main dish.

Giving the finishing touch to the sautéed brown mushroom
Everything was delicious, but I could recognize the taste of champignon the most at the steak using large brown mushroom. Ueda-san told me, the bigger is the size of mushroom, the thicker is its taste and I experienced it vividly.

Two kinds of mushroom soup

croquett with mushroom and escargo

Grilled mushroom with seabream

Two kinds of dessert
Ueda-san pouers rissoto into the depression of the Parmigiano.

Ueda-san prepared four kinds of main dish. Among them broccoli risotto was the highlight of the evening. Immediately after risotto was cooked on the pan, it was poured into the depression of a huge Parmigiano-Reggiano wheel and mixed with the melted cheese. Freshly made risotto was heavenly delicious. Of course, we could not use up the whole Parmigiano wheel with the risotto for 25 people and we got a share of the rest and brought it home in a doggy bag.

There were four kinds of sweets as dessert. Cheese and wine were also abundantly available after the main course for those who do not prefer sweets. As for wine, Tomoko-san brought a bottle of Greek wine which was most welcome by a participant who lived three years in Athens and by a Greek student, only foreign participant in this evening.

Many thanks go to Tomoko-san who has an excellent gourmet network and is always ready to arrange joyful parties.