Sayang at seaside

Usami 11-1, Ito City, 414-0001 Shizuoka Prefecture
Tel: 0557-47-4568
Open from 11:00 to 15:00

Sayang at seaside - Bali restaurant in Usami

Wood-deck in front of Sayang and Sagami Bay. The round mountain far behind in the left side is Omuro-yama.

Terrace of Sayang

Young divers
If you follow a narrow coastal road of Usami for about one km, you find at its end a wood-deck terrace facing the sea. When the weather is good, the terrace is occupied by divers taking rest and relaxing. This is a part of a divers' base and a Bali style restaurant "Sayang" occupies the second floor of the main building with a large open terrace. Sayang and its annexed souvenir shop of Bali specialties are accessible to non-divers as well. Therefore, I can also appreciate delicious Balinese food of Sayang, while enjoying the splendid ocean scenery and tranquil and tropical atmosphere away from the tourist center of Ito.

More than a decade ago, there was an Indonesian restaurant called "Jembatan Merah" in the same place, which was then suddenly closed. I wondered why a Bali restaurant opened again

with a different name and asked a middle-aged waiter about the background. He appeared to be perplexed a while and answered, "We had certain troubles. Anyhow, the staff of Sayang is the same as before."

Not only the beautiful ocean view but also the good and friendly taste of the dishes are kept maintained. Let me show you some dishes from the lunch time menu of Sayang. I personally chose "chicken curry Java style", which is, like other lunch time menus, served with a turmeric soup (Soto ayam) and a coffee drink and costs only 1150 yen.
From left bottom to right:
sauted vegetables and seafood, nasi goreng, seafood curry and chicken curry.
Some of my friends choose other menus, but they are equally satisfied with their taste and quantity, though one of them finds his dish a bit too hot. I am sure that the seasoning is somewhat milder than the original in Indonesia so as to accommodate the Japanese taste. Nevertheless, some Japanese tongues are extremely sensitive to spices. Anyhow, the Indonesian chef of the restaurant does a really good job and we can enjoy the exotic South-East Asian taste created by original herbs.

I want to add that the service of Sayang's staff is friendly and efficient. Therefore, we can all the more enjoy the food and view. For us non-divers it adds also somewhat the feeling of being in a vacation to watch the way divers are behaving in their wet suits. On a nearby breakwater a few people are fishing. After an exceptionally long rainy season, we can finally enjoy a sunny and hot summer day. Here we can find a piece of Bali - a paradise on the earth.