About this site

This site is made for purely non-commercial purposes. Therefore, this site does not use SSL, as it does not deal with business and SSL is too costly for a private webmaster.

The webmaster made his first Japan-related internet site between 1996 and 1999 and a part of the contents can still be seen in the archive:
Japan as it is - banner

The successor website "Hamadayama Life" started in 2004 in order to up-to-date the old information contained in "Japan as it is" as well as to take up new topics which had not been dealt with by the archived version.

His first ever website was about hawkers in Singapore. He recently put together old materials including photos taken with QV-10 and uploaded the renewed "Gourmet Paradise Singapore".

The web site title "Hamadayama" is a place name in the west of Tokyo.