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from WebmasterOkaMon, 27.05.2013 - 00:30:30 JSTReply
Dear Vaness-san,
Sorry, but I do not live in Kyoto and cannot give you further information.
Please check another more suitable pages.
Re[1]: Group Home for Mother with Dementia
from WebmasterOkaMon, 27.05.2013 - 00:09:58 JSTReply
Dear Marie-san,
Frankly speaking, when I wrote that article were were very happy and satisfied with the group home You-Be, but it is unfortunately not so these days. You can see the information with the following URL of You-Be.
Unfortunately, its management changed some time ago and we are now struggling with the new managers. So, I cannot recommend it, but you may see it for your information.
Group Home for Mother with Dementia
from MarieSat, 25.05.2013 - 17:57:08 JSTReply
I am an American woman whose mother is Japanese and was diagnosed with dementia. I work full-time and have been caring for my mother for the last 4 and a half years. I read with much interest about the group homes in Yokohama. As I live in Yokohama, I am in desperate need of such information. Can you please tell me how I may contact the Yokohama Welfare Institute you mention in your article "A Day in an Elderly Care Home?" I would appreciate any information you can offer very much.
Kind regards,
from VanessSun, 28.04.2013 - 07:18:16 JSTReply
Hello, I am looking for a shop in Kyoto in the Higashiyama, sannen-zaka pathway 2 or 3. I am looking for "Jizo-San" ceramic that I found at that location. I looked on your website and it is on the right hand size walking to the upper steps. The Jizo San are folklore, revered by travellers, protector of children. The one I am looking for is an INCENSE BURNER, with a SMILING FACE LOOKING UP - in light sand colour. The shop sold incense.

I‘m sorry I did not note the shops name, have been searching everywhere,
Dome Arigato....
Re[1]: Morita Douji piano scores
from WebmasterOkaSun, 03.02.2013 - 12:09:37 JSTReply
Dear Jean-san,
Sorry for not responding quickly. As I wrote below, I have not problem with my PC and do not watch this page so often.

I don‘t have a first hand information about Morita Doji‘s piano scores, in particular on English websites. I found one on a Japanese web page . A piano score for "Bokutachi no shippai" (Our failure) is sold at 315 yen. You can see a sample without paying. It might be possible to reconstruct the hidden sections of the music! I hope it can help you.
Morita Douji piano scores
from JeanThu, 24.01.2013 - 03:42:15 JSTReply
Dear WebmasterOka-san!

Since I saw the drama Koukou Kyoushi 1993 in 2004 I‘ve been a fan of Japanese dramas as well as Morita Douji‘s music.
I have tried to find piano scores on English websites but it seems impossible to find any.
I have seen some at Japanese Amazon, but they were out of stock.
Do you know any English site where I can find piano scores by Morita Douji.
Marco-san HELP!
from WebmasterOkaMon, 21.01.2013 - 23:48:22 JSTReply
Last Friday, my PC crashed. I tried to recover the data and could save to some extent. But, then another trouble happened and I had no other way other than initializing the PC ;-( I now lost some important data such as some software and mail addresses, including yours. Some of them are in my desktop pc in Tokyo but not here.

Please give me a mail, if you see this entry. I need your help!
Re[1]: nostalgia is great
from WebmasterOkaFri, 08.06.2012 - 22:25:22 JSTReply
Dear Denis san,

Thank you for another very long entry!

I love wooden house too. Unfortunately, it is forbidden now to build houses with wooden outer walls, in order to avoid fire as you correctly guess. “Hanasaku Iroha” was introduced me in fact by an Italian friend Marco san who contributed a lot to the upgrading of this web site. If you want to see the trailor, just check this URL ( )

Yunode Ryokan was simply super.
I already forgot what those five sorts of tidbits were. Surely there was no cheese. The second from left was sesame pudding. In the blue container there were sermon roe and some kinds of vegetable with special sauce. Then on a leave there was a slice of grilled eel. Most of the foods were made of vegetable in season and we enjoyed them a lot. Many small size ryokan are run as family business and there I feel much more comfortable and intimate hospitality than in large scale hotels. Unfortunately, in Istria we lived in large hotels, because it was easier to find reliable lodging among large hotels than among tiny B/B. Maybe when I have another occasion to go there, I will try to find a good, tiny and friendly place with your help!

Noto Peninsula is famous for its traditional landscape with wooden houses with shining black roof tiles. Inhabitants are proud of their tradition and even they build houses in modern style, they usually use black wooden outer wall and shining black roof tiles and those houses can harmoniously coexist with traditional houses.

Porcelain of Kanazawa is known as “Kutani-yaki” and traditionally famous for its colorful designing. On the other hand Wajima is famous for lacquer ware “Wajima-nuri”, the most famous lacquer ware production site in Japan.

Concerning 1980s idols, I picked up for my article only the most important and influential ones. So did I for other types of singers too. From the viewpoint of pop music history, Yukiko Okada contributed almost nothing so far as I understand. Without her tragic end, she would have long been forgotten, I presume.
nostalgia is great
from denisMon, 28.05.2012 - 18:18:52 JSTReply
Helloo Oka-san

Thank you for another fine report from the place where nostalgia still exists!
So how are you?

I loved wooden houses like Geisha house..but a major fire can be a problem?
When i look that Hakuunro Hotel at first i have impression that iam looking at Bavaria landscape..also that Gyokusenko pond

is really great for relaxing..I dont know that animation drama that you talking about but iam interested in that

they allow foreign visitors to take bath?

That Ryokan and Umebachi bath in smoke!Judging only from pictures its looks fabulous and quite expensive too! food looks

yummy..maybe i would try sliced duck meat..whats in the starter plate? cheese,vegetable and some meat? what type of food is

in the blue cup?
I see that Ryokan is run by family..this is such a great idea!
In my country its only developed with reasonable degree in Istra..iam sure that you have visited Istra..Many tourists from

Germany and Austria choose active vacation with family run guest house..

Btw the a week ago reporters from Kansai TV(Osaka?) were making some documentary from Kvarner,Istria and Krk(you have good

memories from that island?).I dont know when they will broadcast their report in Japan.

Noto Hanto..that satoyama landscape is very nice..all houses are built from wood?
Rice planting field looks the sea..
So the places around Kanazawa are famous for ceramics and lacquerware?

I need to ask some rather peculiar question:
Recently i have look again at your popular song articles year 70-90..
I have taken some interest in Idol era in particular‘80..i see Momoe and Seiko but where is Yukiko Okada?
Such a tragic death surely make some mark on whole music industry in particular Idol..Do others artist around Yukiko time

talk about their thoughts about her death? Judging only from youtube she have devoted fan around globe..
Are you related with Okada?

Its a really pleasure to read all yours essays..tiny but packed with nice ‘‘touch‘‘

Sooo till next time..greetings from gawa
Re[3]: Re[6]: So we meet again
from denisThu, 26.04.2012 - 16:35:42 JSTReply

So you are back..Is everything ok with Tokyo health?..lots of online newspapers gave conflicting news about safety around Fukushima and Tokyo..must be really hard to ‘‘weight‘‘ some decision after reading all that informations..
maybe its better to keep a distance from radiation area..

So the report from Kanazawa will be around late May..ok.

Now in Rijeka we had a rather 30 days of rains and low temperature..almost the same as Tokyo..but in the end of April weather forecasts is up to 25 C..

Matta atta ne..till the next time