Akasaka 5-1-7 2F, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107
TEL. 03-3505-2181 >> OPEN: 19:30 - 02:00
If your business causes you stress, you certainly need a comfortable place to refresh yourself. In Tokyo, you can surely find your own oasis. Salon "Ao to Shiro" (Blue and White) was and is my oasis since it opened six years ago. "Ao to Shiro" is in fact a sort of Karaoke bar. "Salon" is not a common word as a name of such a place. This is, however, something more than just a Karaoke bar. Yoko-mama wants to create a comfortable space for the people who are thirsty for it. She thinks that the word "salon" might fit their image of place to relax. And she succeeds in realizing her plan.

Yoko-mama, coming from Iwate prefecture, is a beautiful and warm-hearted lady. She is the owner of this salon. I am convinced that the friendly atmosphere of this place owes much to her character. I am sure that the frequenters are without exception her fans.

Ito-san, a nice and humorous personality, is her good and indispensable partner and as an only man of the salon gives the atmosphere a spicy flavor. Everybody calls him Tencho ... chief of the salon.

There are several other part time girls ... "Onna-no-ko" ... to entertain guests. They work during the daytime as ordinary office workers and want to earn a bit more money for different reasons

Yoko mama-san with a fancy wig

The interior of the salon is rather simple and lighting is not so dark as you might expect. The guests are offered drinks and some snacks. They can also enjoy conversation with friendly and charming mama-san and other girls. They may also sing their favorite songs with Karaoke and ask one or another girl to sing duet with them. They then occasionally dance with girls. That's all. But, No disco music. Ojisan ... middle aged men ... don't want it! No indecent service. Nobody wants it !

Yoko-mama and Tencho
Tencho with young girls

This "Ao to Shiro" is always filled up with steady customers. The guests, including myself, relax themselves with innocent conversation with tenderhearted girls and listen to well trained voice of Tencho. Everybody feels at home here. Maybe everybody wants to be a bit childish and forget the formalities which they need while the sun shines.

CHIYONO-FUJI ... former-Sumo Grand champion, Nobuyasu OKABAYASHI ...famous singer and song writer and other famous people occasionally come here and enjoy conversation and singing with other guests and people of the salon. We can easily become friends and enjoy together. Of course not only men but also women are among the guests.
I wonder, and Mama-san herself wonders, why so many people are glad to come here though "Ao to Shiro" offers nothing so particular. Even after the bubble economy had collapsed, the number of the guests here didn't decrease.

As I mentioned already there is no erotic element involved in the service. That is rather the point, I presume. The people who are coming here don't want unnecessary complication. They just want to be happy in a oasis after their work in a stressful metropolis (^^). Here every necessary thing is furnished. Simply decorated room, Karaoke, friendly and charming but neither rude nor demanding girls. This is exactly what they want (^^).