Higashi 1-14-13, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150
TEL. 03-5466-1030 >> OPEN: 18:00 - 03:00

Mr. Kozo Kogawa
Owner of Antivino
My favourite is in fact NOT Antivino, but Mr. Kogawa.

I am a demanding customer for restaurants. I often ask something which is not on their menus. I carefully watch how the waiter or waitress who attends me react on my irregular request. Many of them look embarrassed and reluctantly take note of my explanation. In such a case my wish is hardly satisfied. But, there are some who very naturally and sympathetically respond and ask about details of my special request. This is a good sign and my whimsical request is well taken care of.

Mr. Kogawa is genius in serving his guests. I immediately became fascinated when I met him for the first time in a exquisite Italian restaurant in Hiro-o several years ago. He never stops friendly smile while he talks with customers and possesses all the necessary know-how to fulfil whatever request his patrons would ask. He knows everything about food he offers to the customers and he is also very knowledgeable about Italian food and he has good sense to understand his customers taste and habit. I know no better waiter than him around here.

Some time ago he told me that he intended to open his own restaurant. I instantly congratulated him as I was hundred per cent sure that his restaurant would be an excellent one. I then told him "I will definitely go to whatever restaurant you'll manage as I trust your talent.

Then, Antivino opened on November 26, 1996.

I wanted to go immediately, but waited several days, as I had to coordinate with some other friends who insisted to go to Antivino together with me and didn't allow me to go earlier than them.

The restaurant accommodates 6 tables and one separate room. The space was earlier used by a boutique. Mr. Kogawa nicely rearranged and we can still enjoy chic show windows and wooden flooring. There is a spacious terrace in front of the windows so that tables can be placed there during mild seasons. Three cooks are working in the Kitchen and Mr. Kogawa and his partner serve the customers. Organization is perfect.

Of course, food is also excellent, too.
As I mentioned earlier, the chief cook came from a first class restaurant in Hiro-o.

I've long been congnizant of his supreme cooking skill. His "Pasta" fits my taste. They are delicately cooked and seasoned. For "Secondi Piatti" I often order "Scampi Griglia" or "Bistecca alla Pizzaiola" (a popular Italian dish ... I have to check Italian spelling (^^;; )) . But, of course there are much more choices. And dessert !!! You will be satisfied with any "Dolce" they offer. Their wine list is for the time being only a limited and basic one. But, Mr. Kogawa promised me to expand his wine reserve (^^)/

I simply wanted to point out by this article that Antivino is excellent and Mr. Kogawa's service is super. However, it's difficult to persuade people who have not been to Antivino. Try it before it becomes too popular and you have to reserve a table months ahead (^^)

Mr. Kogawa has been so successful, that he opened his second Italian restaurant in Shirogane and a bar in Ebisu at the beginning of 1999. He has also cleared all his debt.
So, now he can indulge in his favorite pastime, golf, without much worrying about management of the restaurant. (December 31, 1999)
Mr. Kogawa is also a good golf player !!! August 17, 1997... This photo was taken at the clubhouse of the Day-Star Country Club on August 17, 1997.

From left to right, Mr. Kogawa, Mr. Kayano and Mr. Kashiyama, all my good friends.